Aloha Friends, May ALL be well in your corner of the world.  This post is about taking a moment to say…THANK YOU.  In our lives, we can often take so many things  as a given.  We sometimes automatically expect the things in our everyday lives to just naturally come our way.  I know that I have.  However, now that I am older, i’ve come to realize that I NEVER take anything for granted.  We are only given a short visit here on Mother Earth and need to make our visit a memorable one!  Our legacies that we leave behind should be one that is very well remembered.  I believe that for every life experience that we have endured which also includes the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY are all very valuable lessons.  YES, I said  ALL of them!  Would I care to relive the BAD & UGLY?  NO!  But nonetheless, they have all in their own way helped me to grow and evolve into the man I have become today.  I have and continue to meet many people in my life’s journey.   I’ve had many wonderful experiences and made many wonderful friends along the way.  Some have come to stay and continue to be an important part of my life and some stayed for a little while.  I have been blessed to have met ALL of them.  I say…THANK YOU!  We can sometimes expect people to always be there in our lives but, I am here to tell you that is most definitely NOT the case!  Some may say well people come and go and that may be true but, I believe there is no such thing as chance or luck.  I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason including who our creator puts into our lives.  All for Life Lessons and all within the perfect time and space.  Some of these people have left enormous marks in my HeartSpace and some have given me priceless lessons which has helped me to grow.  For that in itself I say…THANK YOU!  You see dear readers,  my message here to you ALL is to take the GOOD with the BAD.  The HAPPY with the SAD and NEVER forget to say  THANK YOU.  May it be in person or through prayer.  Be GRATEFUL and ALWAYS say THANK YOU for your life, health and everything in between.  Be KIND. KOLOthanks 


Aloha Friends,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May all be well in your corner of this lovely planet we all share.  You know for myself, every year that I have been so blessed to receive is such a gift.  We sometimes often take advantage of believing that we are promised tomorrow that we wind up putting off what we could have done today figuring that we will get to it later.  We need to realize that we may not be so fortunate!  As 2015 had begun to wind down, I have been doing some self reflection as I do every year.  I try to keep a positive attitude on ALL of the good that has happened for me in my life during the year. I don’t dwell on the negatives that happened to find it’s way into my life.  I find that if or when I do, that it causes nothing but strife and regrets which does nothing but affects my Self Love in not such a good way.  Speaking of which…What is Self Love?  Well, my dear readers, I would like to chat about what Self Love means to me.  It is my hope that what I share may bless you with some sort of helpful insight into this often misunderstood topic.  Self Love is quite often mistaken for being conceited, overly confident (Cocky) as well as self centered and self absorbed to mention a few.  We are being constantly bombarded by our various social media’s be it via television, magazines, movies and the such on only looking out for number one which basically constitutes for one thing and one thing only….OURSELVES!  Sad but, true.  Being misguided and misinformed as we become blinded by our own humanity.  We have become self indulgent, self medicated, selfish and self centered!   My dear friends by no means am I trying to be mean here but,  WAKE UP!  Self Love to what I have learned and come to understand has NOTHING to do with any of that rubbish…NONE!  Self Love is all about taking care of this vessel (our bodies) that we have been given to become the BEST of what we can become.  Being mindful of others in what storms in life they may be facing.  Becoming aware of the sick, hurting and suffering who are often overlooked by those who are not in such circumstances.  Turning a “Blind-Eye” to what is more surely than not put into awareness more and more on a daily basis.  How can we not see what is terribly happening here right now as I write these words.  Why you might ask?  I will tell you why.  It is because most of us have become NUMB!  It may be because we think that…I am only one man!  I can’t help everybody out there who is suffering.  Maybe we might think to ourselves that, i’m glad it’s NOT me and it suck’s to be you!  When we have healthy Self Love and kindness within our HeartSpace, it is so easy to be more giving.  May it be of our time, finances and of ourselves!  You see, when we have Self Love we have learned to LOVE ourselves abundantly till overflowing that we have more than enough love and light to share with others and still have plenty for ourselves.  Don’t get me wrong here friends, what I am trying to say here is that when we have Self Love for ourselves, we can share more willingly,unSELFishly and with compassion beyond our wildest conceptions.  So, in closing,  LOVE yourselves and those whom you may NEVER know whatSelf Love storms in their lives they may be facing.  Be KIND. KOLO.


Aloha Friends, may ALL be well in your corner of the world.  Today’s post is about the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS.  I LOVE this time of year and I do understand that it not so for many people.  It is a particularly rough time for some individuals.  Maybe because of the loss of a loved one, being alone, suffering from illness and the list goes on.  My heart goes out to all who are suffering in this world and there are many.  Ever since I was a little boy growing up in Hawai’i, I have always anticipated Christmas time.  It made me smile inside.  Everything looked beautiful in my eyes.  The presents were nice but, not such a big deal to me.  What I did and still do enjoy is the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas.  There is just something about it!  I feel LOVE more and experience a sense of wonderment and peace.  For me, it is a BEAUTIFUL thing.  I enjoy the food (except fruitcake!) and the music.  I am going to be very honest here and let you all in a little secret…I listen to Christmas music throughout the year!  Yup, i’m not gonna lie…I DO!  Especially on a not so good day.  I don’t feel that I am alone.  And if I am,  I don’t care.  I love being able to see family and friends that I have not seen pretty much all year and that is another thing that I enjoy about Christmas.  I also enjoy going Christmas shopping.  Not the Black Friday stuff though ( way too CRAZY!).  I am not wealthy by any means but, I LOVE looking for that special something for the people who share my life with me.  I don’t like getting gifts that were on someone’s gift list.  I love getting gifts that “speak” to me when thinking of my loved ones.  I believe in the element of surprise.  I believe that a well thought out gift is something wonderful.  People get so worked up over Christmastime,  HURRY, HURRY and HURRY some more!  Gotta get, gotta do, gotta buy and gotta have!  I feel that is NOT what Christmas should be about.  Sure, the lights, tree and all of the holiday  festivities are fantastic and great however,  it just seems that people nowadays are so fixated on all of the “trim” instead of the Spirit of Christmas.  At least that is my opinion and viewpoint.  Christmas to me is a celebration with loved ones and friends and family.  The celebration of life itself!  Not all of the commercialism and riff-raff of getting, buying and who knows what else.  So my dear readers,  take a moment out of your day to STOP and contemplate the “Reason for the Season”, breathe, relax and enjoy the splendor and magic of Christmas. Love each other and those less fortunate than ourselves and remember that Christmas is a whole lot more than just presents.  It is about the giving and receiving of LOVE.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Be KIND. KOLO.believe-in-the-spirit-of-christmas-8x10


Aloha Friends,  May the Spirit & Joy this time of year fill your lives and homes with ALL that is good.  Today’s post is something that I wanted to write about for quite some time now.  So, I guess no better time than this moment.  I’m writing this LOVE LETTER to you my dear readers from my HeartSpace.  It is my wish that It will enrich your lives in a positive way.  It is my intention that you retain these words as nourishment for your soul.  As I sit here writing this post, I once again ask myself, “What truly makes one happy?”  I believe, we go through our lives constantly searching for what seems to be so elusive to us and that thing is called…HAPPINESS!  Some individuals may find it through their families,pets,career,money,spirituality and even through harmful addictions including SEX!  Although, these things may bring happiness in our lives, they are only temporary and often very fleeting.  We catch ourselves wanting more and more.  Only to find that each time we get fulfilled by these things, we crave and NEED more!  The question is this, “How can I feed my constant needs?”  We go about our days wondering and searching for our substances in order to fulfill our desires for happiness.  Some people get very frustrated and may sometimes take those frustrations out on others may it be their spouses, families, children, co-workers and even their pets when they cannot get their “Fix”!  Finding what makes you happy goes so much further and deeper than the superficial “Stuff”.  I personally believe that we really need to look within ourselves.  The core of our souls and start with ourselves.  Yes, I said ourselves!  That is where we must first begin.  You see, there are so many people who are unhappy within themselves.  For whatever reason.  This could stem from a unfortunate upbringing.  Maybe also from and unfortunate experience be it a bad relationship or some other tragic loss.  We have to look at ourselves.  I don’t mean what we physically see in our mirrors or photos you know the superficial stuff.  What I mean is our HeartSpace.  The essence of our being.  That is a GREAT place to start.  We may often feel ugly, not worthy, pretty, stupid or rich enough.  However, we need to have a good “Talk-Story” with ourselves and remind ourselves that we are “Enough” just the way that we are!  I believe, we ALL have LOVE inside and more than enough to go around and share.  I was once told by a very dear friend that was so profound and LIFE changing that I wanted to share with you my dear readers.  Get yourselves a piece of paper and write down I.A.L.A.C on it.  Place this somewhere that you may be able to see it everyday as a constant reminder to yourselves.  Maybe even write it down and keep it in your pocketbook or wallet.  The letters on this piece of paper stand for…I AM LOVABLE AND CAPABLE!  May this remind you that HAPPINESS is found within and begins with ourselves.  Once we come to know this TRUTH,  we shall be able to spread and share this new found joy and not need to be on our constant “searches” to find our happiness which also includes our PEACE.  May the Love and Light of this beautiful and wonderful season fall upon you and those whom you love.  Be KIND. KOLOhappiness-05


Aloha Friends, May all be well and in beautiful spirits.  Do you ever ask yourself WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT?  Today’s post comes deep from within my heart as I sit here writing this post warm and snuggled up on my LazyBoy.  I am not talking about what we need to take care of on a daily and regular basis such as taking care of ourselves and our families.  How we need to make sure that we have food in our cupboards, the roof over our heads and clothes /shoes on our feet.  We all are very aware of how these needs are to be met in order for us to sustain ourselves and our loved ones.  I wonder how many of us actually think about how we can be of service to our fellow mankind.  The less fortunate than ourselves.  The hungry,sick,suffering,homeless,the lonely and heartbroken,the elderly,mentally and physically challenged to name a few.  The list of suffering mankind goes on and on.  We as a species, a culture,society and  people have our heartstrings tugged at on the regular.  We may sometimes feel, that we are only one person and that our resources may be strapped by our other everyday issues at hand.  We may sometimes think that someone or somebody else will take of it.  We can sometimes be bitter and say well, just glad it’s NOT me or that isn’t my problem and turn away.  Pretend maybe that we don’t see what is happening.  Maybe, we think that if I have done for one than I won’t be able to do for every other person who is hurting or down on their luck due to some unfortunate circumstance or mishap.  Maybe, it could have been because they did not make the “right” choices along their life’s path.  It really could be a whole slew of reasons.  We may NEVER know!  I sit here in the early morning hours thinking about our hurting world.  The suffering, the wars,famines,pestilences and how heavy my heart is asking myself this question,  What can I do?  I am financially unable to be giving out monies to every person that I see whom is troubled.  I cannot be there for the countless “unseen”.  The widow’s and orphan’s  who so desperately seek LOVE and COMPASSION.  What can we do?   Well, I have come to the conclusion of doing what we can with what we’ve got.  A kind smile, a hug, a meal,an ear to listen…just listen and acknowledge an individual and say….I HEAR YOU!   I believe that it can have such a profound and life changing effect on another’s well being!  I can say this also,  we can volunteer, we can donate some of our time,  we can share something that no longer may have a place for us in our lives that may just be sitting around collecting dust.  You know the “STUFF” that we swear we are sure going to use one day but….never do!  These are some thing’s that I personally feel are REALLY IMPORTANT.  I often imagine that if every living being on our fragile planet just did one random act of compassion, loving kindness and understanding that the results would be phenomenal!   Just saying.  Be KIND  to yourselves and spread some LOVE to somebody today who may be going through their personal storm. Reach out your hands and hearts to one another and say….I AM HERE!  YOU  ARE LOVED.   Kolo.


Aloha Friends,  What are you thankful for?  I personally believe that no matter how many rainy days we face that there is always the silver lining behind every cloud.  We all have them.  When we feel that from the time our feet hit the floor in the morning after hitting the snooze button a few times, after we stub our toe on the frame from the bedroom door it ALL starts!  We forget to turn the coffee maker on, we run out of hot water for our shower and then only to realize that we have the day off!  YIKES!  Do you ever go through them days?  I am not gonna lie, I CERTAINLY DO!  After pulling my act together, I get to thinking that ALL of that drama was just ridiculous.  SNAP OUT OF IT!  I know that when all is said and done when the day slowly comes to a close, Mr. Sunshine decides to call it quits and Madam Moon comes out to gently watch over us as her comrade Mr. Sandman sprinkles his magic over us to send us into the land of Nod.  I lay there in quiet contemplation and realize that I have so much to be grateful for.  I am very THANKFUL for being alive, having shelter to call my sanctuary, food in my home to nourish my body, family and friends.  Of course my list could go on and on but, I think you get the idea of what it is that I am trying to say.  I also believe that we are always in the middle somewhere.  There is always going to be someone who is older,wiser,wealthier,happier,smarter and more attractive than we are etc.  The only time that we shall rise above it all is when we come to the understanding that we are complete just the way our creator has made us to be.  Regardless of what gets thrown our way, we can choose and do have the choice to rise above it all.  So, today; ask yourself this question, WHAT AM I THANKFUL FOR?  And I can most certainly promise you that you’ll find that there is an over abundance of gratitude laying in our heartspace just waiting to be thanked!  Be KIND. KOLO


Aloha Friends, It seems that lately every time we turn around, the world that we live in is getting crazier by the minute. We turn on the T.V. or radio, check out our various Social media sites that there is some type of murder, mayhem, fighting, political unrest and religious unease that has got our emotions and minds into complete craziness!  How can we find our PEACE?  What does one do to pull ourselves together so we may be able continue our everyday lives?  How do we recenter ourselves back to the important thing’s in life that really matter?  I ask myself these questions quite often as of late and here is what I do.  It works for me and it just might for you if you give it some thought and at least a try.  I close myself off from ALL forms of media.  May if be T.V., Radio, Social Media, Cell Phone and the Internet.  I completely tune myself out from these things as soon as I get the chance.  At first it was very difficult. Being that I am the type of person who likes to be kept in the “Know”!  I light candles,  I get in tune and intouch with my spirituality, I say prayers and meditate.  I prepare myself a healthy meal that will nourish my body, mind and spirit.  I bring complete awareness and focus my intentions on the meal that I have prepared with gratitude and also thanksgiving.  I enjoy my meal slowly and savor every bite.  I also find my peace by bringing out my journal and lovingly inscribe words of praise and gratitude for the blessings that I have received in my life thus far.  I bring my awareness onto those pages as I write with loving kindness.  I also give myself a long hot shower.  As I cleanse myself of all my worries and concerns and imagine it all being washed down the drain.  I believe in bringing awareness and accessing spirit as I seek solace from the craziness that was brought  to my attention on that particular day.  I Pray for peace, understanding and the courage as well as strength to persevere through it all.  I ask myself these questions, What can I do tomorrow to help to make the world a better place?  I also ask for spiritual guidance from my creator to help me in making a positive difference in another’s life.  Well, friends, that is how I find my PEACE when the world seems to be very daunting and unforgiving.  It is my hope as well as intention that I may have helped you in some way.  Be KIND, KOLOPeace Art Picture