Aloha friends, I know that has been way too long since I have shared a post with all of you.  My apologies.  I’ve been busy with work and the hustle and bustle of the holiday’s.  Anyway, moving forward.  I have created this piece of ArtWork titled Octopuses Garden.  I used a variety of materials such as Colored Pencils,Watercolors,Micron Pens, Gel Pens and also Permanent Marker.  It had taken me roughly 20 or so hours from start to completion.  Hope your 2015 is going by well thus far.  I shall hopefully post more in the future as time allows.  Enjoy!  Kolo.Octopus Garden Art


Aloha Friends, I wanted to post & share with y’all how I do my ArtWork step by step in photos.  As you can see, my art is a process which can be quite time consuming as most artists know all too well.  But, I say that I do art to create,inspire and bring richness,fulfillment as well as joy into my life.  Enjoy and keep creating Aloha, KOLOCat Art 1 Cat Art 2Cat Art 3 Cat Art 4 Cat Art Complete


Aloha Friends,  I wanted to practice quick sketches & used watercolor washes over them.  Actually, I had used Gouache (Opaque Watercolors).  I was a bit concerned about using watercolors on my Drawing Paper because if the paper becomes too wet, it will warp and buckle.  You DO NOT want that to happen!  I drew these fun fish out of my imagination and from the memories of the many hours that I had spent in the ocean back home in Hawai’i.  Enjoy and Keep Creating!  Aloha, KOLOFISH SKETCH 2FISH SKETCH 1


Aloha Friends,  Happy 4th of July!   Hope all is well in your corner of the world.  My fourth of July is spent quietly doing ArtWork and listening to music and watching movies.  I did this piece of Art today.  I tried using minimal colors and wanted to try something different.  Anyway,enjoy and keep creating! Aloha, KOLOFish 2014


Aloha Friends,  I have been wanting to try some “New”  kinds of backgrounds for my ArtWork.  So, I used some Gouache Watercolors and some Painters Tape to block off some sections in my Art Journal and create some awesome backgrounds using warm and cool colors.  While still wet, I had tapped my fingertips onto the wet paint and had come up with something quite unique.  I LOVE this and is what I will continue to experiment with along with some other techniques in the future.  Enjoy!  Keep creating, KOLOColor Mix