Aloha Friends,  OK, if I’m to be keeping it real with y’all as I do; I have this to share.  Most “Creative” types have a somewhat difficult time with Self-Promotion.  I DO anyway and know a few of my fellow artists do as well.  I can say this, it is NOT one of my strongest points.  There, I said it!  I am not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to the “Technology” part of Self-Promotion.  You know the Graphics and layouts for business cards, flyers, postcards and the such.  You get the idea i’m sure. So, I have been playing around with some FREE online Photo Editing programs and had created my first “Promo” piece that I want to share with my peeps.  Hope you like it!  Be KIND. KOLO.Studio Kolonahe Business Card No. 2 


Aloha Friends,  I am back in the Studio creating more art.  Yes, I have kind of had a block there for a bit and now I have my MOJO back!  As an artist, most of us get that way every now and then.  It’s hard to explain but truth be told…it really does happen!  Anyway, I have been working a little bit making a series of fun & whimsical sea creatures.  It’s what I do.  I still have not found out what route I would like to go with these pieces yet but, I shall keep y’all posted….PROMISE! Be KIND.  KOLO.Studio Sketches of Fish May 2016Aquatic Sketches May 2016


Aloha Friends,  Whew, I know it’s been awhile since I have posted anything.  My apologies.  BAD BLOGGER!  Anyway, I have never claimed to be one of those who post “Religiously” anyway.  LOL.  Okay, so this piece of Art is one of the biggest that I have created in a very long time.  It had also taken a long time to create as well.  Roughly just about 2 weeks…maybe more.  My color palette was inspired by my favorite group of plants. ORCHIDS!  Being from Hawai’i, orchids are everywhere.  I mean…EVERYWHERE!   So, I hope that you enjoy this ArtWork.  Be KIND.  Aloha, KOLO.Art Fish 1


Aloha Friends, Today I wanted to share with you all how I create. What inspires me. What influences me and how I create and the reasons why I choose to create. Where my ideas come from and how I channel my creativity onto that ever intimidating blank sheet of paper. I often have not given much thought as to how and why I choose to express my creativity however, once I had gotten to think about it for a bit…this is what I come up with. I have always LOVED making stuff. I’ve grown up in a home where my Ma and Dad where creative individuals. Creativity in my household was expressed through the many different types of music that my Dad would play. We were exposed to many types of genre and I can say that I have enjoyed that. My Ma was very “Crafty”. She sewed,drew pictures,collage,painted, sewed us Bean Bags filled with rice and had even made Newspaper Kites with us! She encouraged us to find the one thing that we loved and had a passion for. As long as we were not hurting anyone or anything then we had her blessing’s. I LOVE nature. I LOVE color. I also love immortally transferring those visions onto paper. I did not come from a family that was made of money so, I had to be resourceful in how I got my paper and supplies. I could not use my Binder Paper. That was strictly used for school. If I was ever caught doodling or drawing on that…NOT a good idea so, I used Brown Paper Sacks. My Ma would save them from the grocery store. Of course I had Crayola Crayons, Colored Pencils,Pencils and Pens. Those were my first Art Supplies. And there, I started my journey into the fascinating world of ART! How I choose to create is pretty interesting. I am amazed by color combinations,textures and even one color. Being able to make a monochromatic piece of art by using the many variables of that one particular color. I’m the type of Artist that CREATES from my imagination. What I remember while admiring our natural world. I have many mental images filed away in my noggin’. I have a difficult time just looking at something and being able to transfer those images onto paper. I DON’T know why…I JUST DO! I can do my own rendering of what I see but, it will NOT be the same…EVER! Some creative types can do that sort of thing and very well if I might add but, it’s not for me. I’m not the type of Artist who can create daily. I do create when I feel moved or inspired. My BEST work I feel comes in the wee hours of the morning. When the land is quiet while Mother Earth slumbers. I LOVE the serenity and peacefulness of that. I listen to music. I enjoy Instrumental,Chillout Lounge and New Age. It helps my mindset into the space where I need to be at that moment. Most of my Art is created while sitting on my LazyBoy. I have an old wooden Art Box that I had once received as a Christmas gift. I use that as my Lap Desk. I have two end tables. one on each side of my LazyBoy where I put my various Art Supplies for easy access. And then I get in my “ZONE”. I can sometimes stay up for hours just creating. All moments of time and the concept of time just becomes elusive to me! So friends, that is how I Roll when it comes to my Creative Though Process. Be KIND.


Aloha Friends, My NEW ArtWork is now complete, matted with Charcoal Grey and with a Denim Blue Frame. This New art is entitled Siblings. I chose this title because I had wanted to represent my 5 sibling who I LOVE dearly. This piece of Art will be sent to my Sissy. I have 4 other siblings that I am creating new art so, that they can proudly display in their homes. Art is my passion. It is what I do! Be KIND. KOLO.Siblings complete art July 2015


Aloha Friends, Here is an original poem that I created….Enjoy!

I float effortlessly upon a Turquoise Sea.
I feel free and am in bliss.
As I stare upon the Heavens, I am in awe of the beauty and splendor of GODS creations.
I feel safe and at peace.
The warmth of the Sun kisses my skin as I set adrift.
No cares, No worries.
Just embracing it all.
I am happy and overjoyed.
Gossamer puffs of pure white lay above me.
I feel comforted.
I imagine this is what heaven is like.
I am refreshed and renewed.
My Mind, Body and Spirit is cleansed.
I am WHOLE once again.

Wayne W. Maffit,jr.Float Reef July 2015