Aloha Friends, today’s post is about finding your peace.  Our lives can often get stressed out and very overwhelming.  We often get so caught up with our career,family and personal obligations and everthing thing else in between.  YIKES!  Even with our advanced technologies and modern marvels we still can feel as though our lives are coming to a screeching halt!  What does one do?  How do we calm ourselves? Why is it that we feel as though our lives are completely spinning out of control?  How do we come back to our center?  These are just a few of the questions that we quietly ask our inner selves often on a regular basis.  We may find some comfort and relief by abusing our bodies via harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol.  NOT A GOOD IDEA!  We may also find comfort with our pets,children,family and friends.  However, sometimes we need to have some alone time.  Just by ourselves.  Alone in nature or in a quiet room just to BE.  No modern day appliances around us.  Some relaxing music that can help take the “edge” off.  Candles, I have found are another way to bring a sense of calm and peace within.  Sometimes, our life’s circumstances may get the best of us.  The choices that we’ve made may also have it’s role in our well being.  We may also get thrown that occasional curve-ball that knocks us down when we were least expecting it.  I find my peace by having some quiet time alone in nature.  Another option that I choose is to play some peaceful music via CD’s or the internet.  Make a relaxing cup of tea.  Light some candles or incense and call upon my spirituality.  I meditate upon ALL of the good thing’s in my life so far and offer gratitude to my creator for all that has manifested in my life.  I ask for guidance in making the BEST possible choice.  I ask for the knowledge,power and grace to heal whatever may be ailing my heartspace.  These are good thing’s!  Prayer,Meditation,quiet contemplation are my absolute go to’s whenever in need to find my peace to continue on life’s journey.  Be Kind. KOLO.Man Waterfall Prayer


Bongo ManAloha Friends, Today I wanted to talk about “Beating your own Drum.” Following YOUR rules. Doing YOUR thing what ever that may be that makes you Happy and by also not bringing harm to other living things! What is it that you wanna do with YOUR life? Do you play by YOUR own set of rules? What makes YOU unique? Do YOU have any special gifts or talents that you’d love to share with the world? Or, are you the type of Man that follows everyone else? Sure we must be Law abiding citizens but that is not what I am talking about here. We may sometimes get caught up in all the riff-raff of what other’s expect us to be or what other’s feel is the BEST for our lives. I’m here to say that we are given this ONE LIFE. What we choose to do with it all depends on us. The life choices that we make and the consequences that come along with those choices will determine how our lives will be led. Follow your dreams,have goals,make a difference in your community and to our planet EARTH. Follow your BLISS. Yes, although we may not live in a perfect world, we have the power within to beat our own drums and live the BEST life possible! Be Kind. KOLO.