Aloha Friends,  Today’s post is how to deal with the Naysayers (Hater’s).  We ALL go through this.  There shall always be those individuals who just have nothing better to do with their miserable lives than to HATE on you.  No matter what you do they are all up in your business trying to tell and advise you when it comes to living YOUR life!  In my younger adult life, I was so concerned about what other’s thought of me.  May it have been what I believed in, how I dressed, what I did for a living, what I ate and the list can go on and on.  However, at that time in my life,  I had always taken that to heart.  It had affected me deeply.  Sad to say but, it was TRUE what these people had to say mattered.  Now, as I have lived and learned many of life’s lessons it really does not matter.  We are ALL unique in our own GOD given way.  We have our special gift’s and talents.  It is what makes us who we are and have become as individuals.  Some people, always will have an opinion.  That is okay.  What we choose to do with their opinions are just that…opinions!   My friends, we have to learn not to pay them no mind.  You are you.  There is NO other.  I have learned quite some time ago that WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!  When we allow such negativity into our lives, we have allowed and have given permission to let them claim your power.  The end result is that we have had a small piece of us taken away.  How SAD is that!  I can say this, keep on doing your “thing”.  We have been conditioned by what other’s may have to say about the lives that we live that it can affect us in a myriad of ways.  It affects out self-esteem, our confidence and can even affect or better well being.  I can say this, DO NOT let it get under your skin.  Do what you LOVE as long as it does not hurt others or cause them to become less of what they are meant to be.  It is my sincere hope that as you read this post may it send a positive message to your heartspace and that you will share my philosophy with others to become the BEST version of themselves.  Be KIND.  KOLO.Naysayers  


Aloha Friends,  The world that we live in can be a very beautiful place.  And it is!  Although, beautiful we do come across those who beg to differ.  These individuals that we cross paths with are often bitter, cold and ugly.  They may have been through some heartaches and heartbreaks they may never been able to overcome.  Some of these individuals want your company to share their misery so they don’t feel so alone with what they may be going though so, they lash out in return.  Yes, unfortunately that is just the way that it is!  They may have gone through some very tough times in life be it a lousy upbringing, loss of a loved one or even losing themselves by the means of personal betrayal.  Fact is, we need to learn to be understanding and compassionate to their tribulations.  They have become hard in their hearts and just don’t know how to deal with their circumstances that the only way they know is to hurt other’s back.  Most often those whom are weak and vulnerable.  These people whom they subject their woes upon have basically no defense in which to protect themselves from.  Sad but true!  It just the way it is sometimes.  These people may have been abused, neglected,have low self esteem and maybe were once been very productive in their lives.  How do we deal with these people?  How do we NOT let them destroy who we’ve worked so hard to become affect our lives in such a negative manner?  First of all, we need to do more listening than speaking.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone wants to be heard.  Everyone needs a helping hand.  Don’t get this twisted by a handout!  Handout’s are NOT the way to go.  It often causes more harm than good.  We need to be helpful in helping them than disabling them in their circumstances.  And that all starts by listening first.  For the most part, I TRULY believe that this is more than a good place to start.  It is imperative that you make your intentions clear.  Why are they feeling this way?  What can you do to help them.  Are they also willing to listen in what you have to say and the advice that you are willing to share.  Yes, it can be very difficult at times to try to convey  a positive message.  To hopefully make a positive difference  in their lives.  That is ALL we can offer sometimes.  What they choose to do with your advice is to either take it or leave it!  It is imperative that you DO NOT let their negativity get under your skin!  That would be a NO-NO!  We all deal with “STUFF”  differently.   We need to keep in mind that we too have gone through our fair share of difficulties but that does not mean we are selfish or heartless to their unfortunate circumstances.  Some people are “Emotional Vampires”.  They want to suck out your life’s blood.  DO NOT put yourselves into such a vulnerable position.  It could easily happen!  Stand your ground.  Be firm if you need to be.  Make your intentions clear.  DO NOT allow yourself to become too engrossed in their woes.  Because soon, you may be caught in the same “trap”!   When we allow ourselves to become so engrossed by their negativity, we too become negative as well.  It can become very easy to do.  We NEED to stand strong in ourselves.  Otherwise, what good have we done if any at all!  Be KIND. KOLO.Negative people


Aloha Friends,  We all have a purpose in this one life we have been given.  Sometimes, we may discover this early in life and some of us may take a bit longer to just find out what that purpose truly is.  We are on a constant journey of self awareness to find out what that is or basically ask ourselves this question…What am I doing with my life that has purpose and meaning?  For the most part, I am a firm believer that there is goodness in ALL of us.  We may sometimes lose our way on life’s journey and often get caught up in everything that surrounds us that we lose sight of our true selves.  Throughout our lives we become very overwhelmed by the choices we’ve made and our present circumstances we lose sight of our goals and dreams.  I don’t know about the rest of you but, I catch myself getting caught up in the better well being of those whom I care for that I lose sight of what is important to me and my own personal goals and aspirations.  It is a work in progress and it is something that I am constantly working on.  Finding some sort of balance is what it is all about.  Being the type of person that I am and have become sometimes gets in the way of pursuing my purpose.  I guess what I am trying to convey here is that, I just like many of you want to live the BEST possible life that I can.  We may feel that we have not made the BEST choices but what is important is that we get back on track and find our way.  We try to improve ourselves, reinvent ourselves to become better individuals than what we were yesterday.  We need to keep on…keeping on to move forward in our quest to achieve what we’ve set out to become…A better version of who we were destined to become.  I can say this, NEVER give up on what your heart tells you to be.  Stay strong and steadfast on your path whatever that may be.  Believe in yourself, keep taking it one small step at a time.  Following our bliss and what makes us…us!   We don’t have to be like everyone else.  They are already taken!  Be unique.  Why?  Because we are.  There will NEVER be anyone else like YOU!  You were created to be an individual and that is exactly what we NEED to be.  We need to surround ourselves with like minded individuals who we share a common ground with.  Share and exchange ideas with them. Be supportive of one another.  There really is strength in numbers!  We all come across the naysayers.  That is part of life!  We don’t need to become copycats of each other because when we choose to do so, we lose sight of our life’s purpose and meaning.  Discovery is an amazing thing!  Sometimes, we just need to climb our mountains alone and other times we may need some help along the way.  And that’s OKAY too!   If there is any one thing that  I have learned thus far on my life’s journey is this….Follow your heart.  Do what your spirit tells you.  Love and show gratitude to those whom have helped you along the way.  Be KIND. KOLOPathways


Aloha Friends,  I hope that ALL is going well in your corner of the world wherever that may be.  Today’s post is about MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF.  We, myself included often get so caught up and hurried in a world that just seems to be moving way to fast that we feel we may be spinning out of control.  Between our relationships,families,children and careers we can often ask ourselves, which way is up?  Many of us have so much on our daily plates that they are overfilled and spilling over.  May this be through our personal obligations or otherwise, it can just sometimes be to much to bear on a regular basis.  This in turn can wreak havoc on many different levels including our health, mental and emotional well being. NOT a good thing!  Many individuals just simply say when asked, Why don’t you make time for yourself?  Our answer to that question is usually, Well, I just don’t have enough time!  My friends, I am here to tell you something that could not be farther from the truth.  YOU NEED TO MAKE THE TIME.  We are ALL given 24 hours in each day.  How and when we decide to make the time for ourselves is totally up to us.  Not your spouses, not your employer or your family and friends….IT IS YOUR CHOICE!  How can we expect to be the BEST possible version of ourselves and then expect others to learn from our examples that we set.  Believe you me, people are watching you. Yes, that’s right.  They too are wondering most likely the same thing hoping for answers.  We just cannot keep running on our reserves on a daily basis.  Because we are just going to “burn-out”!  With that being said,  It is vital for our own good that we make the time for ourselves.  How can we be expected to continue to give of ourselves when there is nothing left to give?  So, starting today find the one thing that truly makes you happy.  It does not have to be anything big.  As with any new thing, start small at first.  It can be reading your favorite book, taking a short walk or drive in your car.  It could be watching a favorite movie or television program and even just putting the headset on and enjoy some of your favorite tunes.  Go ahead my friends, give it a try.  Soon you’ll discover it really is not all that difficult.  Be KIND.  KOLOMaking time


Aloha Friends, today’s post is about finding your peace.  Our lives can often get stressed out and very overwhelming.  We often get so caught up with our career,family and personal obligations and everthing thing else in between.  YIKES!  Even with our advanced technologies and modern marvels we still can feel as though our lives are coming to a screeching halt!  What does one do?  How do we calm ourselves? Why is it that we feel as though our lives are completely spinning out of control?  How do we come back to our center?  These are just a few of the questions that we quietly ask our inner selves often on a regular basis.  We may find some comfort and relief by abusing our bodies via harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol.  NOT A GOOD IDEA!  We may also find comfort with our pets,children,family and friends.  However, sometimes we need to have some alone time.  Just by ourselves.  Alone in nature or in a quiet room just to BE.  No modern day appliances around us.  Some relaxing music that can help take the “edge” off.  Candles, I have found are another way to bring a sense of calm and peace within.  Sometimes, our life’s circumstances may get the best of us.  The choices that we’ve made may also have it’s role in our well being.  We may also get thrown that occasional curve-ball that knocks us down when we were least expecting it.  I find my peace by having some quiet time alone in nature.  Another option that I choose is to play some peaceful music via CD’s or the internet.  Make a relaxing cup of tea.  Light some candles or incense and call upon my spirituality.  I meditate upon ALL of the good thing’s in my life so far and offer gratitude to my creator for all that has manifested in my life.  I ask for guidance in making the BEST possible choice.  I ask for the knowledge,power and grace to heal whatever may be ailing my heartspace.  These are good thing’s!  Prayer,Meditation,quiet contemplation are my absolute go to’s whenever in need to find my peace to continue on life’s journey.  Be Kind. KOLO.Man Waterfall Prayer